Words Can’t Describe Just How Amazing Her Sing David Gilmour’s “Smile”! – Watch It!


Introducing this girl, guitarist and major Pink Floyd Top fan. Although everyone knows that nobody can perform this like our lovable bearded duo, Alyssa bernal really rocks her room with this cover of David Gilmour’s “Smile”

Fan Fact: The track was first played at David Gilmour’s 2001 and 2002 live shows (and also on the accompanying DVD) where David Gilmour introduced it as “This is a new one so if you are bootlegging, begin your machines now.” It was eventually recorded at his houseboat studio, the Astoria, for the 2006 album On an Island. The track is in 3/4 time.

During the three nights at the Royal Albert Hall throughout Gilmour’s On an Island Tour in 2006, empty CD wallets bearing the Smile single cover, and a CD-sticker were left on seats of audience members who would discover them on arrival, each one bearing a unique number.

“Island Jam” was initially available via David Gilmour’s web site before being made more widely available.

An unmastered form of “Smile” can be heard briefly on the BBC2 show Three Men in a Boat which retraced a trip on the River Thames, and visited the houseboat.

Watch acoustic cover of David Gilmour’s Smile:

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