There Is An Update From Roger Waters via Pink Floyd’s Twitter Account: “The resistance begins today.” – Watch Full Video!


There is An update from Roger Waters about Donald Trump’s presidency via Pink Floyd’s official Twitter Account: “The resistance begins today.” – Watch Full Video below!

Ahead of Roger Waters’ October shows at the all-star Desert Trip, the Pink Floyd rocker staged a pair of warm-up gigs at Mexico City’s Foro Sol where he ripped into Donald Trump.

The Pink Floyd rocker closed out his savaging of Trump by coopting a phrase that’s gone viral in Mexico: “Trump Eres Un Pendejo.” Translation: “Trump, you’re an asshole.”

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Pink Floyd


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  1. Go on Roger and everyone!!! And some people thought that Pink Floyd had died many years ago. And many others thought you were all just a load of peaceful hippies!! Rock on!!!???? Richard!!????????

  2. Unfortunately the rest of the world are related to what happens in the USA, and because we are a part of NATO and FN, so yes we can have an opinion about your president.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Waters. Most of America feels as you do and we’re grateful you put it out there with no apologies. Trump is an abomination and disgrace to this country, and a danger to the world. He is a walking obscenity. THANK YOU for pulling no punches. As an American and a patriot I THANK YOU for your uncompromising statement. Please keep making it! It gives me some relief and makes me cheer. YES!