Rocker Girl Sings “Another Brick In The Wall” On ‘The Voice’ And Every Judge Hits Their Button Simultaneously!


This Song Is Taken To The Next Stage!

We have heard many individuals say that Pink Floyd songs are meant to be untouched by anybody except Pink Floyd. Followers can be fairly darn defensive about their favourite Pink Floyd tracks being covered. All of that being stated, it’s all quite understandable.

It goes without saying that Pink Floyd has written a few of rock music’s most timeless classic songs. The duo of David Gilmourand Roger Waters are responsible for among the best rock anthems everyone knows and love right this moment.

There music can understandably be deemed untouchable, however if you were to look on-line and search by way of a couple of Pink Floyd covers, you will discover that there are some actually superb interpretations of those songs. Interpretations that Pink Floyd themselves would love.

One such interpretation was used to make a Voice contestant’s dream come true. Rudi Leonhardt right here auditions on The Voice putting a punk twist on Pink Floyd’s iconic hit Another Brick In The Wall. See for your self!

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