Watch, Pink Floyd’s “Coming Back To Life” Cover at DeadSea – Like A Dream!


Gilmour has mentioned (as may be heard on the David Gilmour in Live performance DVD) that the track was written about his wife, Polly Samson.

The track is played in C major. It opens with a synth droning a C major chord, leading to a slow guitar solo performed with a clean sound. The first verse is then sung slowly over synth chords, before the main rhythm of the track seems, and the rest of the band join the arrangement. One other verse is sung, and followed by a guitar solo. After this guitar solo, the last few lines of the verse are sung again, after which a guitar solo is performed till the end of the track.

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Pink Floyd

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  1. Wow just wow , congratulations to the anonymous guitarist for this great cover. Who is he and has he done any others??
    Love to know how the artist chose the Dead Sea sight for “Coming back to LIFE” . as this is exactly what is prophesied to
    happen in the near future by the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel in chapter 47 after the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Dead Sea is prophesied to LIVE once again and team with fish with fishermen spreading their nets from En Gedi to En Eglaim according to verses 8,9 and 10. Wow I’m just amazed that such a great guitar piece with that title has somehow become connected with what we call today The Dead Sea.
    Kudos to both Dave Gilmour for his great composition and the cover artist.