His Pink Floyd “High Hopes” Solo Gonna Make You “Feel It”


Yep, Gave Me Goosebumps

That was energizing! It’s the very same feel as David Gilmour. It’s practically stunning and ostensibly the best cover I’ve seen to date. It is difficult attempting to copy Gilmour trying to reproduce one of the best guitar performances ever. Furthermore, Gilmour’s hatchet abilities are amazing and incredible.

Bounce Ezrin even said, “You can give him a ukulele and he’ll make it sound like a Stradivarius.”

Which is the reason Andrey’s interpretation of this Pink Floyd great is hands-down staggering. The performance was right on the money and I wager it will make Gilmour pleased. He has so much feeling and he completely executed the tone. The twists and stating are both great. This cleared out me puzzled for the initial few moments. It’s simply crazy the amount of ability he has in his fingers. You likely won’t see whatever other spread played with this level of flawlessness. Goodness!

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Pink Floyd


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