Watch, Hey You / On the Turning Away – Bootlegs From Pink Floyd’s Last EVER Tour


Hey You…

Playing their last EVER tour referred to as the Division Bell Tour in ’94, Pink Floyd creepily serenades the viewers with classic “Hey You” and the solo takes our breath away each time we watch it…

“Hey you out there on your own, sitting naked by the phone, would you touch me?”

We hear the voices calling out for us when we listen to this track, pleading for companionship, interaction and warmth and we wish that we could reach other and really feel the embrace of echoed loneliness portrayed on this fantastically haunting ballad…

Interesting Quote: “It is about the break-up of my first marriage, all that misery and pain and being out on the road when the lady declares over the telephone that she has fallen in love with someone else. It is a complete disaster, especially if you’re somebody like I was.” – Roger Waters

Though we’re unhappy that this was their last time together on an American stage, we’re thankful that David and Roger are still playing their music- even if it is individually…

We at all times felt a strange and indescribable comfort in the sounds and echoes produced in Pink Floyd songs and “Hey You” makes us really feel like there will always be somebody out there wanting to reach out to us

Watch Pink Floyd – Hey You / On the Turning Away – Bootlegs

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