HEAR Roger Waters Tease Brand A New ‘Is This the Life We Really Want?’ LP (WATCH TEASER)


Roger Waters introduced his first new rock album in a quarter century, Is This the Life We Really Want?, with a teaser video that incorporates a sampling of some moody music that will ostensibly seem on the LP. Though it doesn’t specify a release date, the video promises the record will be “coming soon.”

The video shows a doc being redacted, à la confidential reports the U.S. government releases through Freedom of Information Act requests. The words speak of subprime loans and crimes generally, and it consists of quixotic phrases like “Fear drives the mills” and juxtapositions of the words “nincompoop” and  When all of the omissions are complete, it reveals the album’s title.

As the clip plays, fuzzy synthesizers play drawn-out, melancholy chords to a swinging drum line, faintly recalling the music Roger Waters wrote for The Wall. Additionally reminiscent of the singer-songwriter’s past recordings are samples of prim-and-proper British voices talking, together with some announcing the time, others talking of the weather and one wishing a “happy new yr to you.”

Waters mentioned the making of the brand new album final yr with Rolling Stone. “We have some actually good work within the can,” he stated on the time. He additionally spoke highly of producer Nigel Godrich’s ability to rein in his concepts. “He stated to me, ‘People all the time want to do these long records. How long was The Dark Side of the Moon?’ I stated 38 minutes,” the singer recalled. “I so feel for young musicians, knowing that all of your work will be stolen, and no one wants to pay you. [But] it also means you can say anything you want. Well, I have always said anything I have wanted anyway.”

In addition to working on the album, Waters is also ramping up to a brand new tour, dubbed Us + Them after a track on Dark Side. “It will be a mixture of stuff from my long career, stuff from my years with Pink Floyd, some new things,” he stated in a statement. “Probably 75 percent of it will be old material and 25 percent will be new, however it will be all connected by a general theme. It will be spectacular like all my shows have been.”

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