Watch, Famous Pink Floyd’s Gig Performed by Strings’n Roses – That Is So Good It Should Be A Crime!


As it has been mentioned before right here at, every band has it’s own unique sound that can’t be duplicated. Some bands try, and some even come close, however they can never actually capture the entire variables. Every band having its own sound is a good factor, although. It gives identity to the band.

However what’s my point here? My point is that there’ll never be a duplicate of any band, especially a classic rock band like Pink Floyd, however that doesn’t mean that when a band covers their music that it can’t be superior! Right here’s proof!

What you are about to watch is a band by the name of Korn take to the stage and perform Pink Floyd’s iconic hit Another Brick In The Wall. To put it simply, as I mentioned before, it is not about capturing the sound of Pink Floyd, here, it’s about putting their very own unique touch on it! See for your self!

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Pink Floyd


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