Watch ELVIS PRESLEY’s Don’t Cover by DAVID GILMOUR (Tribute To The King)


Some 10 months after the concert, October 2005 saw the release of “A Tribute To The King”, a DVD which features a live performance performed behind closed doors at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios in December 2004, celebrating fifty years of rock’n’roll.

Amongst the top musicians on the live performance, helmed by Scotty Moore (R.I.P 1911-2016), guitarist for Elvis Presley for the recording of That is Alright, Mama, (which has been taken because the official starting point of rock’n’roll in 1954) are David Gilmour, taking time out from his solo work to perform “Don’t”, accompanied by Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings

Gilmour’s performance features a usually restrained vocal performance (no makes an attempt at impersonating Elvis Presley, thankfully!) and a suitably gentle run-through of “Don’t”, Scotty Moore’s favorite Elvis song of all time. One wonders if “Don’t” could be a possible inclusion on David’s forthcoming tour of Europe and the USA. Accompanying David for this performance were the Rhythm Kings (with Bill on bass), Graham Broad on drums, and the legendary Albert Lee on backing guitar.

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