Watch Amazing Cover Of “Another Brick In The Wall” by Sylwia Urban


Being widely renowned for its guitar solos and rhythm, many musicians record their own cover versions of “Another Brick In The Wall.” It’s Pink Floyd’s most well-known song and it can be quite a challenge to emulate how Roger Waters and David Gilmour nails this sound.

Fan Fact:  “The Wall” refers back to the wall that Waters built round himself, as he says that he wasn’t in touch with reality. The bricks in the wall were meant to symbolize the events in Roger Waters’ life that caused him to…wall himself off from others. His school teacher was just “another brick in the wall.”

In a 2009 interview, Waters stated that “Another Brick In The Wall” was meant to be satirical. Saying that nobody is more pro-education than he’s, Roger Waters explains that the “boys school…was very controlling and demanded rebellion.” Plus, the teachers were “easy targets.”

Its also meant to be “a rebellion against errant authorities, in opposition to individuals who have power over you, who’re wrong.”

The track’s chorus is made up of 23 children, aged 13 through 15…from a school in Islington, England.

Sylwia Urban has been featured in a number of music blogs and boy, she slays it! Every little thing is just on point and she sure has some pretty superior techniques! Enjoy this wonderful cover!

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