Watch Amazing Cover of “MONEY” – Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Gets a Doom Metal Tribute

Pink Floyd Money

Pink Floyd‘s The Dark Side of the Moon album has been down the Yellow Brick Road, inspired countless laser light shows and earned a place of honor in Billboard chart history … and now, at long last, it’s getting the doom metal treatment.

The idea for the project, dubbed Doom Side of the Moon, comes courtesy of Kyle Shutt, guitarist for the Sword, who rounded up a few of his bandmates and an array of additional personnel to put together a roster of musicians for the album. Due Aug. 4 and available to pre-order now, it’s being launched to commemorate Pink Floyd’s 50th anniversary.

“The idea came to me after getting baked and wanting to hear a heavy version of ‘Time,‘” Shutt explained. “I believed, why not just cover the entire album? After sitting down and working out some loose concepts, the arrangement for ‘Money’ materialized, and I realized that I could completely do this if I assembled the right band. It felt a little strange messing with somebody’s legacy, however I am treating it as a celebration of one of many greatest bands to ever rock, a party that everybody is invited to.”

That party’s beginning with a pre-release promo video for the Doom Side version of “Money,” which is out now and available for your listening pleasure above. And by the time the record is out, it would even have its own official beverage: Shutt has reached out to Austin Eastciders with a proposal for a “Dark Cider the Moon.” He’s presumably not totally serious, however hey — stranger things have happened.

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Pink Floyd

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  1. Pink Floyd is the best that came out of Music.
    If Rap is a way of life like they say
    then Pink Floyd is its Essence
    Pink Floyd is the Politics of Music played it simple.