Watch, 14 Year-old Pink Floyd Fan’s Amazing Cover of “MONEY” – Gilmour&Waters Should be Proud of Him!


Being a gifted musician isn not easy, no matter how effortless it could often look. It takes years of dedication and practice, plus plenty of pure expertise, which is exactly what Gavin, has given over to his playing guitar

This is Gavin O’Brain’s Biography: Hey guys! I am just a boy with a dream, as an aspiring musician! I look up to, and idolize the King of Rock n Roll, ELVIS PRESLEY! Aswell as many other musicians from that era. I am what some may call a bit of an old soul when it comes to music! I fell in love with Rockabilly music in the fifth grade, after giving a report on Elvis Presley. Little did I know a homework assignment I really didnt want to do, would open up the door to my wildest dreams! I am not a professional entertainer, and just learning to play a few instruments. Of course mom and dad think Im great,LOL….But Im working on developing my voice aswell! I have been fortunate enough to step foot on a few stages down on the infamous Beale Street in Memphis Tennesse! I have to say,they have only left me hungry for more! I am known around town as “Little Elvis,” but someday I hope the world will know Gavin O’Brien! A small town boy with dreams so big the world had to follow! I hope you all will enjoy this page, as I share my experiences, and daily progress!

14-year-old Gavin is a self-taught drummer and guitarist who began playing the drums when he was only Four-years-old.

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