Watch This Incredible Self Taught Musician Is Basically A One Member Pink Floyd Cover Band


Being a gifted musician isn not easy, no matter how effortless it could often look. It takes years of dedication and practice, plus plenty of pure expertise, which is exactly what Ewan Cunningham, from Falkirk in Scotland, has given over to his drumming.

18-year-old Cunningham is a self-taught drummer who began playing the drums when he was only Four-years-old.

“On my 4th Christmas, my mother and father got me a small plastic drum equipment.” Cunningham tells Smash in an email. “By the end of the day I had smashed it to pieces by playing it too hard. Since my Daddy is a guitarist he wanted me to learn a musical instrument so he went out and bought me a proper drum equipment this time and from then on I have at all times played the drums. It simply came naturally to me and that brought great enjoyment.”

“People will typically have a look at the sort of drumming and look down upon it for being repetitive and easy.” Cunningham says about Nick Mason’s style. “That’s what I like about it although, there’s more to it than simply cramming in as many drum fills to every track like a lot of drummers do. You have to have the right feel to play these songs correctly and that’s the most important factor I’ve learned from playing the drums. This comes from somebody who used to play a lot of heavy metal drumming and think it was the best factor I’ve ever seen. For me now that I’m older, drumming within the music and not over doing it’s much more important.”

Watch a couple more of Cunningham’s Pink Floyd covers beneath:

Watch “Hey You” Drum Cover:

Watch Shine on You Crazy Diamond:

Watch: The Dark Side of The Moon:

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