Watch This Incredible Cover Of Pink Floyd’s “Pigs Three Different Ones”


We listened many Pink Floyd’s cover songs but never listened like this. We definitely believe Pink Floyd members would enjoy seeing and hearing this, knowing their music has touched so many generations and inspired so much talent!

Animals is so different from the other albums that surrounded it. Containing only 4 songs, comprising of three epics all tracking well over 10 minutes in length and book-ended by a much shorter acoustic number broken into two parts. And the songs, are as ominous as the skies on the front cover.

The album is very roughly based on the George Orwell novel, ‘Animal Farm’ and focuses on the social and political status within a capitalist society. The song titles are the animals of the novel; the hungry, get-to-the-top-at-all-costs-no-matter-who-you-burn, Dogs; the ruling class Pigs and the mindless masses who are the Sheep. The lyrics are cutting and brutal and take no prisoners throughout. In itself, a brilliant but scathing commentary on society of the time. The lyrics of Dogs read almost like a check list on how to ruthlessly get to the top…

Pigs (Three Different Ones) is a scalding lyrical attack on certain high society types full of disdain and bile, but powered by an almost funky bass and guitar groove which belies the content within. Again Gilmour shines. Sheep’s tinkling piano intro from Rick Wright morphs into another powerhouse Gilmour performance. Roger Water’s brilliant foreboding lyrics cling to the back of the driving rhythm, giving hope to the sheep and a warning to the dogs of the imminent vengeance.

Watch Pink Floyd’s Pigs Cover by Eddie Current and Stove Clock:

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  1. The exhibition is enhanced by music throughout and by the voices of past and present members of Pink Floyd, including David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and the late Richard Wright explaining their experiences. The show culminates with an immersive audio visual space which includes the recreation of the very last performance of all four members of the band at Live 8 in 2005.