Watch Full Concert of Roger Waters at Mexico – Entire two-hour performance (Oct 1, 2016)


On Saturday night, Roger Waters organized a free show at Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City. As indicated by El Universal, an expected 200,000 Pink Floyd fans went to the two-hour profession crossing execution which saw the Pink Floyd legend perform “Breathe”, “One of These Days”, “Fearless”, “Brain Damage”, and many more

All through the execution, Waters took shots at government officials in both in the US and Mexico. As La Opinion notes, goliath video screens showed messages, for example, “Trump, you’re a fool” and a picture of Donald Trump’s face on body of a pig. He additionally got out Mexico’s leader Enrique Peña Nieto, saying, “You policies have failed … listen to your people, Mr. President.”

Video of the full performance can be seen below:

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