Watch David Gilmour Mash Up Pink Floyd and Prince (From Gilmour’s Last Concert)

On Sunday, April 24th 2016 David Gilmour performed for Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall. This is an audience recording of David Gilmour performing Comfortably Numb, with the inclusion of Purple Rain as a tribute to Prince.


Add David Gilmour to the rundown of those recollecting Prince in melody, however he did as such with a turn. Performing the previous evening at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Gilmour joined Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” with “Purple Rain” the title track from Prince’s 1984 multi-platinum crush.

It happens at about the 4:30 imprint on the video above, soon after the group ejects into another cathartic ensemble of “I have turned out to be serenely numb.” The stage lights switch from white to purple, yet rather than going into the standard solo found on Pink Floyd’s 1979 The Wall, Gilmour’s supporting artists start to recreate the implicit outro vocals from “Purple Rain.” Gilmour doesn’t copy Prince’s notorious guitar take a shot at the melody, nonetheless, picking rather to offer his very own moving investigation. Around a moment later, the stage lights move once more, this opportunity to red and gold, and Gilmour resumes “Comfortably Numb” as some time recently.

He joins scores of artists who have paid tribute to Prince since the legend’s passing a week ago at age 57. A dissection has been performed to decide the reason for death, yet authorities say it could be weeks before the outcomes are known.

The eight-minute tackle “Comfortably Numb/Purple Rain” was a piece of a unique advantage for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Gilmour dispatches an European visit later this mid year, hitting Pompeii – site of one of Pink Floyd’s most noteworthy exhibitions – in July.

Long-term fans will review that Gilmour offered a front of “Purple Rain” some time recently, back amid a 1992 taping of the six-scene smaller than usual arrangement Tom Jones: The Right Time, which later circulated on VH1. Jones even brandished a purple suit for the event.

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