Watch David Gilmour’s New Live Video Performances on Kimmel (“Wish You Were Here” and “Rattle That Lock”)


David Gilmour performed Pink Floyd’s exemplary “Wish You Were Here,” and also his late solo cut, “Rattle That Lock,” on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Monday

David Gilmour treated Pink Floyd fans who’d accumulated for an open air show facilitated by Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday to a stunning version of “Wish You Were Here.”

The previous Floyd artist and guitarist easily got through the permanent acoustic anthem, staying unwavering to the first down to the “do-do-do” tunes he sang over his guitar playing. Gilmour’s “Wish You Were Here” featured one critical option, in any case, as a pedal steel player included an awesome, friendless nation tinge to the darling 1975 tune.

(Continue to next for watch “Rattle That Lock” live video)

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