David Gilmour Brings THIS ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Classic To Center Stage On Sold Out World Tour


Rattle That Lock World Tour, 2016

Boy – David Gilmour wasn’t joking when he said he had many traps up his sleeve for this present summer’s Rattle That Lock World Tour!

Hot on the heels of world class exhibitions that included “One Of These Days” without precedent for two decades and an arrival to Pompeii over 4 decades after Pink Floyd asserted some authority on the antiquated stone amphitheater, the previous Pink Floyd guitarist treated group to an execution of “The Great Gig In The Sky”. Included on 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon, “The Great Gig In The Sky” started as a harmony movement from late Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright and later transformed into the fantastic, 4:44 track sandwiched flawlessly amongst “Time” and “Money” that David Gilmour enlivened to the joy of fans a week ago.

Fun Fact: During the band’s 1974–1975 tour, Gilmour played both pedal steel guitar and the Hammond organ, allowing Richard Wright to concentrate solely on piano.

Equipped with his pedal steel guitar, Gilmour’s execution of this Dark Side of the Moon exemplary is as much a festival of his rich, beautiful musical profession as it is to his previous bandmates – particularly dear companion Richard Wright – and it makes for an execution that you essentially need to see to accept!

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