David Gilmour Breathes New Life Into A Pink Floyd’s Classic Song “Astronomy Domine” (Live In Studio)


David Gilmour And Co. Have Reinvented Themselves With This Timeless Classic!

On the off chance that there was a Mount Rushmore for powerful guitarists, there are numerous names that ring a bell that ought to be on that mountain, however we know there’s a FOR SURE name on that list.

That name is David Gilmour. Basically, the Pink Floyd guitarist is undoubtably one of the best on the planet. His style, songwriting, and impact are all equivalent to numerous guitar player’s prosperity. To put it significantly more basically, he is a gift we don’t deserve, yet at any rate, back to the point of the video!

What you’re going to watch is an ‘in studio’ performance of the hit Pink Floyd song Astronomy Domine. Compared to the original, this rendition is truly powerful and proves how David Gilmour has refined his craft. If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, then you are STRONGLY urged to watch this. See for yourself! See yourself

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