Watch Big Wave Surfing with Pink Floyd – It Is Insanely Cool And Mind-Blowing


There are some really perfect surfers out there that you just will never hear of.

Judging by this footage, a number of them live in Peru. Individuals like Alvaro Malpartida, Miguel y Tomas Tudela, Sebastian de Romaña, Sebastian Correa, Cesar Aspillaga, Herbert Mulanovich, Coco Fernandez, Javier Swayne, Julio Vignati, Bernardo Zignago, Giacomo Taddei, and Rodrigo Castro-Mendivil, simply to call just a few.

So when the first northern swells of the season ran aground in Peru, filmmaker Jose Plata pulled out his digital camera, captured the locals doing what they do greatest, and jammed some Pink Floyd beneath all of it.

Watch fascinating video below:

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Pink Floyd


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