14-Year-Old Girl Plays ‘Time’ On Guitar And Manages To Sound Exactly Like Gilmour and Waters!


She is a 14 year old guitarist named Ayla, and she has been playing the guitar for around two and a half years. This is her cover of Pink Floyd’s incredible masterpiece Time, off of The Dark Side of the Moon. She added a bit of improv too 🙂

Fun Facts: This song tells us how time slips through our fingers, and we don’t even know how or when it did. At first, we don’t seem to care. But as we grow older, we begin to resent the time we wasted, and wish we could do more with it. Long story short, it justifies the phrase “Time is money”.

Watch guitar cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time” by 14-year old girl:

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Pink Floyd

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  1. Hello, wondering on how to upload new video documentary, about new Tribute Band, taking San Antonio, Texas by storm, called Texas Pink, Floyd…..you can find them on Facebook and YouTube! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day!