Top 10 Pink Floyd Songs by David Gilmour


It ought to shock no one that our rundown of the Top 10 David Gilmour Pink Floyd Songs is brimming with cerebrum liquefying guitar performances, lilting vocals and flawless music.

Despite the fact that Roger Waters will everlastingly be the gathering’s melodious virtuoso and topical driving force, Gilmour brought a more grounded (and more adaptable) voice, a talent for noteworthy songs and guitar abilities that place him among the best players ever. In tribute to Gilmour’s numerous abilities, beneath are the main 10 Pink Floyd tracks that element David’s singing, songwriting and guitar playing.

10. Fat Old Sun

From: ‘Particle Heart Mother’ (1970)

(Composed by Gilmour; vocals, guitars, bass and drums by Gilmour)

At the point when the band individuals were assembling the track list for Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd, Gilmour proposed this folksy tune new to an incredible number of Floyd fans. The peaceful tune would have been a commendable consideration. Be that as it may, the live form that Gilmour plays in his performance shows is far better, closing with a shining, soul-filled guitar solo.

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