Watch: This 7-Year-Old Twin Nail This Cover Of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall”!


Young prodigies are certainly a popular thing, these days. Whether it’s Tina S or Ayu Gusfanz, or whatever other amazingly gifted youthful artists, if there’s a video of them on the web, it’ll no doubt have a huge number of views. . It’s always just an perfect thing to see such a young being perform such impeccable music. This case is positively the same. This is what we mean!

What you’re about to watch are two 7-year-old sisters take to their drum set and bass guitar and perform the smash hit song by Pink Floyd, Another Brick In The Wall. What may seem like just two innocent twin sisters are actually incredible musicians, for their age. Be sure to be on the lookout for these two girl, because they have a definite future in rock music. Talent obviously runs in the family. Now watch these two girls do what they do best!

Note: They are not twin, it is just montage 🙂 (Thank you visitors)

Watch: Eduarda Henklein Pink Floyd Drum Cover:

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Pink Floyd


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  1. Im from Brasil, Just to you guys know, she doesnt have a sister. When she Said ” meu clone” /”my clone” she was saing that she was filmed in two times and they put togheter on the vídeo. Her name is Eduarda heiklen !

  2. Just to add some background/context to what others have said, Eduarda has over 29 months of experience as a drummer (baterista); I’ve heard her play 45 different songs and watched her share the stage with the artist on at least 6 of them in that time. She holds the title of youngest drummer on record in Brazil, and while she has covered Pink Floyd since the age of 4, what we see in this video montage is her “coming out” now as a bass (baixo) player in addition. I can’t wait to see her master the bass line on Comfortably Numb.

  3. She is one person in a split-view video. She plays drums and is learning guitar. She is Eduarda Henklein of Joinville, Brasil. Do a search of her name on YouTube, she has many different videos.