The Top 10 Pink Floyd Songs From 70s

Pink Floyd dominated the charts and the planet’s arenas within the 1970s. These are the prog giants’ best songs from that superb decade


5. Comfortably Numb (1979)

Although Roger Waters’ sombre account of a person’s slide into private dislocation and isolation is grim and unflinching, David Gilmour’s anthemic solo magically transcends the awful subject material. Taking over a lifetime of its personal in live performance, its sonorous tones rally the spirits, articulating the human want to attach with each other.

4. Sheep (1977)

Rising from the cosseted glow of Rick Wright’s electrical piano, Floyd go for the jugular with their most caustic lower from Animals. Underpinned by Waters’ glowering bass, David Gilmour’s strafing chords graze and chunk by means of Mason’s driving pulse. Because the pensive environment bleeds out into the grotesque, distorted psalm, it is genuinely chilling.

3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1 – 5 (1975)

Floyd incessantly prove dramatic music needn’t be all about fiery grandstanding, and by no means extra so on this emotive two-part epic that bookends Wish You Were Here. Unfolding at a glacial tempo, Roger Waters’ meditative lamentation of Syd Barrett’s tragic arc from brilliance to sickness smoulders with a fierce, heartfelt depth. The emotional weight of the tolling four-note motif ushers in one among Gilmour’s extra considerate excursions.

2. Echoes (1971)

With their need in growing long-form writing effectively established by 1971, Echoes showcases their refined, consummate grasp of textural element. From the very first ‘sonar’ ping by means of to the exultant, radiant climax, by way of unusual alien hinterlands, the piece ripples steadily outwards; a sustained masterclass in managed pressure and triumphant launch.

1. Wish You Were Here (1975)

Pink Floyd’s intimate vulnerability stays startling, even on the top of their fame. On the title observe of 1975’s Wish You Were, melancholic recognition that one thing and somebody has been irrevocably misplaced is tempered by the acceptance that point has moved on. Neatly avoiding any showiness, sentimentality or self-pity, that is undoubtedly Floyd at their most poignant.

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