Roger Waters Says: “About time” I was Pink Floyd for a night

Roger Waters explains decision to play Desert Trip festival - and suggests surprise that The Who were on the bill


Roger Waters says he accepted the invitation to play this month’s Desert Trip festival in California because it was time to be “Pink Floyd for a night.”

He played twice at the event, organised by Coachella boss Paul Tollett, delivering a set of classic tracks billed as The Best Of Pink Floyd.

But he’s suggested he was surprised that The Who appeared on the all-star bill.

Waters tells AP in the video below: “It was very cool. It was quite an honour to be included. I did Coachella in 2008 and ever since, Paul said, ‘You’ve got to come back.’ But a festival in the spring never seemed quite right.

“I met him again in Nashville when I was doing my opera there and he said, ‘What if we do something in the autumn, just a one-off?’ I never expected anything to come of it.”

Discussing the bill he says: “Rolling Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young – and somehow The Who popped into the equation. Which is fantastic. I love The Who.”

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