Pink Floyd Play Last Tour, “Another Brick In The Wall” Is The Star Of The Concert


The Night Earls Court Would Never Forget

By 1980, the folks in Pink Floyd were wore out yet producing a portion of the best work they’d ever done; 1979 yielded their last Waters-Gilmour-Wright-Mason collection The Wall, a gorgeous rock opera that would bring about the band’s littlest yet most costly voyage through their profession and with it, song of devotion of insubordination ‘Another Brick In The Wall, Part II‘.

The second of 3 sections of one all-encompassing topic, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ is the quintessential song of praise of those conflicting with the majority, and to the enjoyment of committed Pink Floyd fans, merited its own particular minute in the sun amid the band’s The Wall Tour. Furnished with that signature, overwhelming hitting bass line cordiality of Roger Waters and a monstrous alternative divider in front of an audience, Pink Floyd conveyed an execution that Earls Court could always remember!

Fun Fact: The expenses of the visit were assessed to have achieved US$ 1.5 million even before the primary execution.

One of the last times we’d ever see David Gilmour and Roger Waters together in front of an audience, the two made it a minute to recollect! Roger’s never been something more, and with David supporting him on guitar with that impeccable soul tinged guitar solo, the sting of his takeoff from the band is by one means or another decreased and we recollect the days when the two weren’t inexorably companions, however extraordinary foils to each other in front of an audience and in the studio.

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