Pink Floyd, “Let There Be More Light” Very Rare 60’S Video Record


Highlighted on their second collection A Saucerful Of Secrets and the first to highlight guitarist and frontman David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s ‘Let There Be More Light’ was the band’s first invasion into the universe of psychedelia. It was composed by Roger Waters about the envisioned drop of a fantastical rocket arriving at a nearby Air Force base, and gives us a marvelous first look at Gilmour’s ability for soloing.

This execution of ‘Let There Be More Light’ is completely exceptional and a genuine oldie but a goodie, advising us that there was, truth be told, life before Dark Side Of the Moon!

Fun Fact: Drummer Nick Mason calls A Saucerful Of Secrets his most loved Pink Floyd collection.

As opposed to the mark long hair, pants and shirts we’d come to later remember them by, Pink Floyd made that big appearance in everything from a floppy overflowed cap to unsettled shirts, with David Gilmour watching particularly strange without the Fender Stratocasters we’re so used to seeing him with!

Appreciate this significant impact from Pink Floyd’s past – we unquestionably did!

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