Every Song on Dark Side Of The Moon Album, Ranked From Worst To Best


If ever an album was designed to be heard as one continuous musical whole, then Pink Floyd’s magnum opus The Dark Side Of The Moon is surely it. The concept is deliberately constructed to flow from start to finish through the linking techniques of painstakingly constructed sound effects, disconnected voices and musical interludes. And it feels like the main purpose of this 1973 release is to create its own homogenous, interconnected universe first between your ears, then in your brain. But if we want to pass judgment on what is the finest and what is the feeblest on this 45 million-selling monster – and we do – then we’re just going to have to grit our teeth, risk incurring the wrath of Messrs Waters and Gilmour, and simply get on with it…

10. Speak To Me

Starting with a heartbeat is a pretty good way to get a listener onside, and the strange voices and weirdy keyboard sounds piques the curiosity nicely. But, of course, this is only a preamble ahead of the main event…

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