David Gilmour Tears Up Face-Melting “Comfortably Numb” Solo


Guitar Talent Level: God

A little bit of silence please for the man whose music is superbly timeless. It’s wonderful how David Gilmour at all times manages to make his guitar do the speaking and singing. And the man who was dancing and just feeling the music? We are able to relate to him on a spiritual stage. You’ll be able to inform he’s having the time of his life! ???? I don’t know if that is nice or biggest. Gilmour at all times had good improvisation abilities and that particular ‘really feel.’ Each solo oozes with raw, emotional power and a lot soul. Maybe that’s why this can unknowingly make you tear up. No one can bend a notice like him. The guitar just poured its heart out.

Solely Gilmour can do a solo as sweet as this. I don’t know if I’d dance, cry or simply be awe-struck. What have we done to deserve this Guitar God? Seriously, you possibly can’t listen to this and never fall in love with it.

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