David Gilmour Plays The Blues (From 1988 Les Paul and Friends Concert)


David Gilmour plays the Blues 1988  Pink Floyd News


It’s nothing unexpected that Pink Floyd lead guitarist and frontman David Gilmour has a weakness for soul; all things considered, the vast majority of Pink Floyd’s music had a soul-filled feeling to it. This select video, taken from his 1988 execution at the Les Paul and Friends show in Brooklyn highlights Gilmour sans the long hair and band tees we found in the 70’s supplanted by short hair and a suit, tearing through a soul-filled solo that makes us wonder: why didn’t he seek after a vocation in soul?

He has a stunning guitar tone, and he plays with a level of enthusiasm and accuracy that are very regarded in soul world – we have no questions that he’d have been invited with open arms!

What an execution! While we’re happy David went the Pink Floyd course with his profession, it’s generally amusing to ponder and really get the chance to see what may have been whether he’d gone quite recently somewhat off base!

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