TEST YOURSELF: How much do you know Pink Floyd’s albums?


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So you, thought you… Is likely to be the ultimate Pink Floyd follower? See how well do you really know the biggest psychedelic band on the planet.

Are you able to match the title of the legend band’s album to the iconic album cover?

Take this quiz and test your knowledge of Pink Floyd’s albums. (Mobile App users can take quizzes by click on “open in browser” button)

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Pink Floyd

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  1. Pink Floyd 1994 earliest court London; my neural glandes were ultred to be everyday all day running on for Syd Roger David mason wright.
    i made university presentation in music class in 2001; i remember the projector was a big thing that time. and i took A on the course because of this presentation. pink Floyd is my way of life.
    can u see why they chooses the WALL seems like magic in here they were taken about whatever wall or Berlin way sort to speak ; the ironic is wall got its Oscar and genius record and the real wall increased in the world too ; what an irony/ Us and them its speaks about the 1 percent of the world ; which is the same thing but massive in outrageous differences ; until Roger wrote it behind him US OR THEM. Time gig for example predicted how quickly will our killer at the end. Money; look now all currencies are down
    if u dont listen to pink Floyd i advise themselves to understand that they introduce a new era of sounding. Delicate sound of thunder was my shift and Pulse is the Awakening and the great challenge David succeed until now Pompeii 2016 Mexico 2016 both Roger Gilmour