Why Were Pink Floyd’s Label Angry for Their “Wish You Were Here” artwork?


The story behind Pink Floyd’s iconic album cover

Their music was complex and challenging, and Pink Floyd treated each album sleeve as an extension of their musical artistry. And it’s arguable that the artwork for Wish You Were Here is the best example of that approach.

According to its designer Aubrey Powell, the whole concept of the images is “based on the band’s relationship with major businesses in general, and their record label in particular” and it’s not exactly a welcoming one.

The two men photographed on the front cover (both film stuntmen, incidentally) represent one person getting burned by doing a business deal with the other.


The back cover has an invisible man in a business suit, representing someone who might be trying to sell you a record. But “you don’t know exactly who he really is – this is just an invisible salesman selling you ‘a product’.”

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