The Wall Of Pink Floyd To Be Made Into An Opera And The First Performance Date Is Closer Than You Think!


You’ve Never Heard Pink Floyd Like This!

Pink Floyd have many, many iconic works under their belts. They’re certainly one of the absolute biggest rock bands of all time. They’ve a sound and track catalogue that’s unmatched. What began out as every other band just trying to make a name for themselves has become a band that’s so much more than just music, they’re art in it’s purest form, and they’re about to break one other barrier.

In 2018, on of the band’s most iconic pieces of work The Wall is about to become a full on opera, literally. This past Saturday, the opera already made its debut in Montreal, and next yr it’s going to come to the USA. This opera will make its US debut in July of 2018 in Cincinnati.

What do you think of this? Are you exited to see The Wall become an opera? And will you make the trip to Cincinnati to see the opera in all its glory? Tell us what you assume within the comment section!

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Pink Floyd


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