Watch: David Lynch + “Twin Peaks” + Pink Floyd = It’s a recipe for psychedelic nirvana.


What happens when you mix what is arguably the most experimental 11 minutes of David Lynch’s filmmaking career with the psychedelic chords of Pink Floyd? Buckle up, you’re about to find out.

Lynch fans are still buzzing over Sunday night’s landmark “Twin Peaks,” which became an instant classic hour of television thanks to a bravura extended sequence depicting nuclear testing in the New Mexico desert and what seemed like the birth of BOB and Laura Palmer. Like the best of David Lynch, the head-scratching plot specifics don’t matter as much as the sensory experience of watching his images unfold, and what terrifying, transfixing and totally mesmerizing images they were.

Youtube user Eli Schwab obviously had Pink Floyd on the brain while watching Sunday’s episode and has released a version of the 11-minute nuclear explosion sequence cut to the band’s “Echoes.” Similar to the experience of watching “The Wizard of Oz” while listening to “Dark Side of the Moon,” the “Twin Peaks” sequence and the Pink Floyd song sync up perfectly, making for one hell of an experience.

Get the loudest speakers possible and watch the video below. “Twin Peaks” airs Sunday nights on Showtime at 9pm ET.


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