44 Years Ago: Pink Floyd’s Iconic ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Hits #1 And With Tracks Like “Time,” It’s Easy To See Reason


A Look Back On Dark Side Of The Moon

44 years ago today, Pink Floyd’s iconic 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon started its rapid climb to the top of the charts as the most effective selling albums of all time, crushing the U.S. charts and dominating with the #1 slot. By no means ones to shy away from heavy topics, the album found Pink Floyd’s Waters and Gilmour tackling the heaviest topic of all of them; mortality.

Just 28 when he started fleshing out “Time,” Waters was struck with the staggering realization that he was no longer preparing for anything in life, however was right within the thick of it. Thus, the results of his quarter-life epiphany was “Time” -his bold challenge to listeners to think about what constitutes time wasted, and whether we’re using our time on Earth doing things that make us happy or merely watching the sand within the hourglass wind down.

Fun Fact: “Time” was the one song on Dark Side Of The Moon that all 4 members received a writing credit for.

Dark Side of the Moon is an album that you must sit and listen to, giving it your full attention as a result of it makes you feel. It may not be the best use of time, per se, however any part of the human experience that makes you feel is all the time worth it!

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