Watch Foo Fighters Cover Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh?”


Close to the end of their featuring set at the Austin City Limits Music Festival the previous evening (Oct. 2), Foo Fighters chose to pull yet another great rock spread out of their pack. You can watch them perform Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh?” above.

As is now and again the case with their interpretations of other specialists’ work, the lead vocals were taken care of by drummer Taylor Hawkins as opposed to Dave Grohl. After an execution of “Best of You,” Foo Fighters left the stage.

The Wall, the Pink Floyd collection from which “In the Flesh?” is taken, has been winning features as of late. Not long ago it was reported that Roger Waters The Wall, the part-show film, part-narrative of Waters’ late visiting generation, will come to home video on Dec. 1. Waters as of late talked with Ultimate Classic Rock about how The Wall has tackled new implications and subjects throughout the years. “I was resolved that it ought to be less particularly about my situation and my story and my excursion,” he said, “and progressively a general take a gander at what it intends to those of us who get to be casualties to what is by all accounts a voracious longing by those with the rules of force in their grasp to take up arms against others to further whatever their points may be.”

Then, Foo Fighters have been enjoying great rock covers consistently on their present visit. Last Friday (Sept. 25) they performed Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” with assistance from Jewel. A few days before that Stevie Nicks and independent rock sweethearts Haim went along with them for “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” Nicks’ hit two part harmony with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

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