(Very Very Rare!) Pink Floyd – KQED, San Francisco 1970


Using a rare 1982 VHS damaged recording mixed to the studio soundboard soundtrack, going through and cleaning up this rare film.

The end result will be the highest quality sound and video recording of this concert.
The video itself suffers from normal VHS errors, picture tearing, rips, and tons of oxide drop outs. Just on the cleaning phase was able to get the picture quality to the best possible quality. The complete frame damaged section have been patched and edited to create a seamless video. However the video still has hundreds of white pixel drop outs in the video. These need to be found and than re-painted to be removed. This is not easy, cause you are dealing with about 30 frames per second and the drops are normally a single frame. It is kind of like finding needles in haystacks.

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Pink Floyd

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