This Street Performer Made David Gilmour Extremely Proud With Incredible Cover Of Pink Floyd


This Man Made David Gilmour Extremely Proud

On a delightful Italian night, this obscure road entertainer set up shop before the Pantheon, one of Rome’s most famous historic points. The man set up his enhancer, and connected to his rough bumper strat, and rang off a fantastic interpretation of Pink Floyd’s great “Comfortably Numb.” moreover, he showcased his wonderful voice, which, on the off chance that you close your eyes, sounds extraordinarily like David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

Fun Fact: Roger Waters wrote the lyrics. While many people thought the song was about drugs, Waters claims it is not. The lyrics are about what he felt like as a child when he was sick with a fever. As an adult, he got that feeling again sometimes, entering a state of delirium, where he felt detached from reality.

We absolutley love this execution, and truly wish that we knew this present man’s name! What’s so extraordinary about this, is he’s amidst the road playing music exclusively with the end goal of making individuals grin and convey euphoria to their lives. He’s an astonishing ability, and we truly trust that he’s ready to be found soon!

Look at the delightful cover down below!

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  1. Hi! Yes – his voice and playing are golden and he happens to be a good friend of mine. HIs name is Serin Halim and he makes a living and supports his family by playing primarly at the Pantheon. If anyone sees him play, buy him a beer and chat after the show – tell him Michele sent you!