The 10 Heaviest Songs of Pink Floyd


3.YOUNG LUST (1979)

A fairly straightforward soul based hard shake melody from The Wall that tells the story of easygoing sex out and about. The phone discussion toward the end was roused by a genuine occasion when Waters called home while on visit in 1975 just for a man to answer his home telephone, uncovering his then spouse’s rashness. Collection co-maker James Guthrie organized a genuine phone call to a companion in Los Angeles so he could record the response of the administrator, who stayed unconscious she was being recorded.

2.NOT NOW JOHN (1983)

A raging hard rocker from Floyd’s 1983 offering The Final Cut, Waters’ hostile to war idea collection some have proposed was more a performance collection than a Floyd one. Be that as it may, Not Now John highlights David Gilmour’s lone vocal on the collection and probably the most flammable guitar playing ever recorded (perhaps mirroring the pithy way of the recording). Discharged as a single,it had the principle hold back of “Stuff all that…” supplanted with “Stuff all that…” as the verses railed against corporate eagerness and defilement.


1.SORROW (1987)

The end track from 1987’s A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, the band’s first discharge subsequent to the caustic split with Roger Waters and the court case that took after. It’s essentially a Gilmour visit de power, composed and to a great extent recorded over the space of a weekend at the guitarists’ Astoria house-pontoon. Given he concedes verses are not his strongpoint, Sorrow, motivated by Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes Of Wrath, started as a sonnet to which Gilmour set music (regularly he works the other route round), and in the live field, serves as the ideal vehicle for his staggering guitar playing.


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