Pink Floyd’s Flying Pig Over London Museum to Announce New Exhibit

V&A exhibition “Their Mortal Remains” will feature a laser light show, unseen concert footage, instruments, artworks, and more


Pink Floyd Fly Inflatable Pig Over London Museum to Announce New Exhibit

Early today, Pink Floyd flew an inflatable pig over London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to report their new, career review exhibition, “The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains.” The trick looks back to the front of their 1977 collection Animals, where a pig is seen taking off over Battersea Power Station. As the BBC calls attention to, “Their Mortal Remains” takes after the fruitful “David Bowie Is…” presentation, which kept running at the V&A through spring and fall 2013. The “immersive, multi-sensory and theatrical” new show, which marks 50 years since Pink Floyd’s presentation single, will incorporate 350 items of band ephemera—instruments, publications, manually written artworks, fine art, and that’s just the beginning. They’ll be housed inside a display highlighting a laser light appear and uncovered show footage. It’ll keep running from May to October one year from now.

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