Paul McCartney Feat. David Gilmour – “I Saw Her Standing There” Beatles Cover


Live At The Cavern Club, 1999

Rock legends and deep rooted companions David Gilmour and Paul McCartney have cooperated previously, beyond any doubt – yet there’s simply something about really seeing them perform live respectively that just makes us grin. In 1999, the pair rejoined at Liverpool’s Cavern Club where, with the assistance of Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice, McCartney and Gilmour took the crowd on a high-octane ride through McCartney’s Run Devil Run – a collection of 50s spreads intermixed with a couple of firsts.

The night wasn’t finished, notwithstanding, without the footage you’re going to see; deified on the show film Live At The Cavern Club, fans got the return of all returns when Paul and David dispatched into The Beatles famous “I Saw Her Standing There” that quickly got the group of onlookers on its feet and moving, searching for all the world like the energized youngsters they were the point at which The Beatles first burst onto the scene a lifetime prior.

Fun Fact: The main live recording of “I Saw Her Standing There” (a moderate adaptation of the melody) was made at the first Cavern Club toward the end of 1962.

Paul is having a great time, and the expansion of David Gilmour and the guitar solo that commences right around 1:45 truly kicks the entire execution into overdrive, transforming this Beatles exemplary into the two part harmony we never knew needed and now that we’ve heard it, can’t quit listening to it! Look at it in the footage beneath – this oldie but a goodie is certain to get you moving’!

Paul McCartney feat David Gilmour – I Saw Her…

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