The Top 10 Greatest Pink Floyd Roger Waters Songs


From the psychedelic wigouts of the early days to the epic misanthropy of The Wall, these are the best 10 Roger Waters Pink Floyd songs

The long and incessantly fractious historical past of Pink Floyd may be outlined as an ongoing power struggle between Roger Waters and the rest of his bandmates – one with no clear victor. Nevertheless it was Waters’ voice that dictated a lot of Pink Floyd’s sound and all their lyrical content material from the early 70s by way of to his acrimonious departure following 1983’s The Final Cut.

We may argue all day on the standards for inclusion on a listing of the 10 greatest Roger Waters Pink Floyd songs, so we’ve stuck to either a sole Waters songwriting credit or a co-write the place he totally dominates, so no Comfortably Numb, Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) or something from Wish You Were Here. What we do have, nevertheless, is the definitive countdown of Roger Waters’ best moments.

10. The Nile Song (1969)
This early dose of fuzzed-up proto-metal shook the then-current folksy whimsy of the UK psych scene and dumped it on its Mandrax-stuffed head. An expansive, soiled and sprawling riff, unusually rudimentary in its composition, has Gilmour stretching to the very restrict of his vocal register, nearly maintaining with the track’s spiralling key changes.

9. Grantchester Meadows (1969)
A companion piece to the identical yr’s Cirrus Minor, right here Roger Waters updates that track’s heavy-lidded English psychedelia with the pastoral, summer time reminiscences of an Arcadian childhood. The mix of background atmosphere, Waters’ trademark semi-spoken supply and a stark acoustic guitar proved to be enduring tropes all through his profession.

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