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Before Pink Floyd vanquished the world with prog-and narrative-substantial collections like The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, they were a hallucinogenic gathering drove by a floppy-haired vocalist, musician and guitar player whose hunger for medications often superseded his creative driving forces. However Syd Barrett evidently drove the band through their initial years, mooring their first singles and introduction collection with a musical palette as wide-coming to as his schizophrenic personality would permit. He turned out to be progressively inconsistent amid the recording of Pink Floyd’s second collection and left before the LP was discharged. His drop into emotional instability, which was helped by his substantial LSD dose and turned into the premise of Floyd’s 1975 creation Wish You Were Here, delayed the recording of his performance debut. Barrett, who kicked the bucket at age 60 in 2006, discharged two collections before he moved in the opposite direction of music for good. Our rundown of the Top 10 Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd Songs accounts the best of his short profession.

10. “The Scarecrow”

From: “See Emily Play” single (1967)

Initially the B-side of “See Emily Play” (see No. 3 on our rundown of the Top 10 Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd Songs), ‘The Scarecrow’ wound up as the penultimate track on Pink Floyd’s introduction collection, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. It’s less a tune but rather more it is a two-minute sound composition abetted by Barrett’s foggy insights on a miserable, forlorn scarecrow in a field. Fire up the bong!

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