RIP You Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett


It was 10 years ago today since he passed away. Syd Barrett, the original frontman of Pink Floyd who wrote much of their early material, died July 7th in Cambridge, England, from complications related to diabetes. He was sixty.

What a brilliant mind and profound writer he was. Shine on you crazy diamond forever…

Pink Floyd – Jugband blues – Rare video with Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd – Jugband blues – Rare video with…

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  1. Here in Brazil, sometime its hard to get full informations about the other countries music site but when I heard about SYD my whole world changed and got another perspective.. doesnt matter if was his music, the painting, the history …he is amazing and I only could imagine the greatness if he decided to go further in his work but than I recall.. THE WORLD WASNT READY TO HIS MIND AND KINDNESS LONG LIVE SYD WE LOVE YOU