They Come Together To Honor Pink Floyd – Watch This Amazing Cover of “Comfortably Numb’!


In Their Comfort

Pink Floyd were pioneers of 60’s psychedelic rock, and music in general. Their legacy has spread over various eras, and many artists and music groups have demonstrated their style, sound and flare around the legends. Two specialists that have been known for doing this, are Chris Martin from Cold Play, and Beck.

Martin and Beck hit the stage together at a fundraiser event for the Boys and Girls Club in Malibu, California, and broke out the legendary Pink Floyd song: “Comfortably Numb.” Chris’ voice sounds epic on this song! Not just that, his work on the piano gives the melody a softer, and fragile vibe! It sounds amazingly phenomenal!

Fun Fact: In the movie The Wall, this plays in a scene where the main character, a rock star named “Pink,” loses his mind and enters a catatonic state before a show. It was similar to what Syd Barrett, an original member of the band, went through in 1968 when he became mentally ill and was kicked out of the band.

Look at the astonishing spread down underneath!

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Pink Floyd


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