Churchgoers Get to Hear Pink Floyd in All Their Fame


Spokesman Andy Vivian said Pink Floyd were formed in the middle of the music and art revolution that was happening in London in the latter part of the 1960s and incorporated elements of theatre.


“The band embraced all the technical innovations of the time and recorded quadraphonically so that listeners could be swept up in the 3D drama of the recordings. The idea was splendid and the albums aurally stunning but sadly very few people ever had the full experience because they didn’t have the equipment to play surround-sound music.

“It has taken a while but finally 21st century audio can make real the 1970s dreams of the sonic pioneers.”

The concert at 7.30pm on Friday October 14 is being arranged to raise money to restore the bells in the tower of St Peter’s Church in Newnham.

It is timely because V&A museum in London is mounting a major exhibition and the Post Office has issued a set of Pink Floyd stamps to mark next year’s 50th anniversary of the band’s first single.

“Come along to Newnham Church and hear why this music has lasting appeal that continues to inspire, surprise and excite,” said Andy.

Admission £10, tickets include a glass of wine or soft drink. Available from Newnham PO or online at newnhambells.word

Only six of the eight bells are ringable and the project is designed to replace the worn fittings, reduce the overall weight of the bells, refurbish the bell frame and provide a new floor in the tower to reduce the length of rope between ringer and bell.


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Pink Floyd


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