Nick Mason: I doubt that there will be a Pink Floyd reunion


Nick Mason doesn’t think his band Pink Floyd will reunite unless it’s for charity.

Nick Mason doubts there will be a Pink Floyd reunion.

The 72-year-old drummer of the iconic progressive rock band has always said he hasn’t given up on the idea of the ‘Comfortably Numb’ hitmakers getting back together, but he doesn’t think it will happen unless it is for a good cause.

Asked if he thinks the group will tour again, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I would say absolutely not. But having said that I certainly don’t think there will be another Pink Floyd tour.

“Hopefully if we were going to do something it would have to be for the right reason like generating peace in the Middle East or feeding Africa or whatever.”

Nick said the reason their Live 8 show in 2005 – which saw him he reunite with Roger Waters and David Gilmour – worked was because they put their “differences” aside to focus on the benefits of performing at the concert.

He said: “With the show for Live 8 that everyone whatever their differences and unresolved issues would be put aside. It would have to be something for more than our own egos.”

Meanwhile, asked what it was like collaborating with estranged bandmate, Roger Waters, on their forthcoming exhibition,The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains’, Nick said it was “easy” because he was interested in the project.

He said: “It was very easy because was enthusiastic with both our boxset and the Victoria and Albert exhibition. If he is positive about it it’s really easy because he is flowing with ideas for it. It only gets difficult if he doesn’t want to do it.”

Pink Floyd ‘The Early Years’ is out 10 November and ‘Pink Floyd Their Mortal Remains’ opens at the V&A in May.


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